About us

Growing Our Business by Growing Yours First.

At MageServe we think differently about eCommerce. We realize that the best way to grow our business is to help our customers be successful in theirs. We know what matters the most to our clients is generating more sales and keeping customers coming back for more. At MageServe we take this to heart and have built our business around this mantra.

Our staff of certified Magento developers combined with our online marketing savvy expertise makes the perfect formula to help both small and large online businesses capitalize and build market share.

Being successful in online marketing is much more than just launching an online store. That is only the beginning. There are tried and true best marketing practices that differentiate the marketing savvy online juggernauts from the online mom and pop stores. At MageServe know many of the secret techniques employed by successful ecommerce businesses and we want to share these techniques with you. We stay on top of the latest online marketing trends to ensure our clients are utilizing the best tools and techniques to annihilate the competition.

Company was launched in the first quarter.
To date more than 750 sites have been created and managed successfully by MageServe.